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Custom Reports for Your Industry

WRRonline can be used by many industries to generate custom reports from the FCC databases. The majority of our clients are two-way radio dealers and manufacturers. We also serve government agencies, local cities, towns, and municipalities.

Two-way Radio Dealers

Two-way radio dealers tend to use WRRonline a couple of different ways. (1) As a prospecting and sales tool to look for opportunities in their local market. (2) They also want to monitor their own licenses and their customer's licenses.


Two-way Radio Manufacturers and Distributors

Two-way radio manufacturers and distributors primarily use our reports to raise awareness in their sales channel to generate high-quality sales leads.

Federal and State Agencies

Federal and state agencies have large two-way radio systems throughout the country. They need to make sure that they are compliant at all of their facilities, including State Parks,  and National Monuments.


Our Customers Include

  • Family-owned two-way radio dealers  (1 to 3 locations)
  • Multi-location two-way radio dealers (3 to 5 locations)
  • Multi-state two-way radio dealers (10+ locations)
  • Construction Companies
  • Towns and Cities with self-managed two-way radio systems
  • Federal and state agencies
  • Two-way radio manufacturers
  • Two-way radio distributors
  • Manufacturing plants

Industry Solutions

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