Benefits & Features

Weekly License Activity Reports

Every Weekend, we Email a Customized, seven-section report to your distribution list. Each of the following sections is based upon data within YOUR Local Market Counties: New Applications, New Grants, Upcoming Expirations, Upcoming Construction Deadlines, Who Still Needs to be Narrow-banded, Licenses that are Analog-Only, and Recent notes on Licenses your Company has entered on WRRonline. These weekly reports are great for Prospecting and for protecting your Licenses.

Seven Sections of LOCAL FCC Data

  • New Applications
  • Recent Grants/Modifications
  • Upcoming FCC Expirations
  • Upcoming Construction Deadlines (who hasn’t filed their sch K)
  • Who still hasn’t narrow-banded (they can’t renew unless they narrow-band!)
  • Licenses that are Analog-Only (prospects for moving to digital!)
  • Notes you have entered on callsigns within the last month.

Personalized Access to WRRonline Website

Our cloud-based web service allows subscribers to Find Prospects, Find Spectrum and Research FCC Data Fast & Efficiently! Search on the most popular FCC Fields using wild-cards, Filters, Vertical Markets, Lists of Counties, and much more. When you login to WRRonline, you have already provided us with your local market counties, your lists of Callsigns, and your notes on Callsigns, so we can personalize your experience!  This makes you and your team much more productive as you are able to Focus on pertinent data and share notes on Local Market Opportunities.

WRRonline Benefits Include:

  • Search your Local Market or Nationwide
  • Search ALL local counties with 1 click
  • Search for Vertical Markets
  • Exclude data from your Searches
  • Co-channel Searches
  • Search by any part of Licensee Name
  • One click shows who is Analog
  • One click shows who didn’t Narrow-band
  • Unused Frequencies Searches
  • Build and Export Mailing Lists
  • Integrated US & CANADIAN Data

Free Training

Personalized training is provided via GotoMeeting.  During this training, we login to YOUR live WRRonline account (with your local market data), so the data viewed during the training is very timely and relevant. Sales Managers often set these up during a weekly sales meeting.   The training only takes about an hour.

Data Updated Daily

WRRonline databases are updated daily from FCC source files. Canadian data is updated monthly.

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