Our History

FCC Radio Licensing Services

Washington Radio Reports been providing high-quality FCC Licensing Services to two-way radio dealers and corporations who manage their own two-way radio systems since 1970.

Let us help you get a new FCC license, modify a License, or just file a required notification. Our clients consist of two-way radio dealers, manufacturers, and public safety managers. They realize that license application paperwork has never represented a profitable part of operations, but rather a necessary bottleneck of doing business. On the other hand, Washington Radio Reports specializes in the two-way radio license application business and would like you to consider how the following benefits will save you time and money!

WRRonline FCC Data Analytics and Reports

Find Prospects, Find Spectrum & Research FCC Data

Our industry-leading web-based search tool is used to perform personalized, custom searches on FCC and Canadian licensing databases.

We update our databases from FCC files every night, so customers can access current, reliable data.   Personal Notes/Comments can be added to every license.  This is just one of the ways we provide a customized experience.