WRRonline FAQs

Q. How much is a subscription to WRRonline?

A. The retail price for a subscription to WRRonline is $1800/yr per company. This provides unlimited access to the website and it provides you with Weekly License Activity Reports.

Q. Can I use my dealer Coop Funds for WRRonline?

A. Several manufacturers will pay for or reimburse their dealers for a WRRonline subscription. Call us for more details or talk to your area representative.

Q. How many userids do I get with a Subscription?

A. You can have up to 20 Userids per subscription.


Q. How current is the WRR Data.

A. We update each night from FCC data, so we are normally just a day or two behind the FCC data.  We update the Canadian data approximately once a month, or as soon as we notice that have provided updated data.

Q. What are “My Favorite Counties”?

A. You define one list of your favorite counties per company. You can always search outside of these favorites, but your weekly reports are based upon that market. Also, on the Custom Search Screen, with one click you can load all of these favorite counties into your search. That keeps you from having to add each one individually, each time you do a search.  By the way, you can define Groups of counties, zip codes, or whatever you want by simply creating a search with all the values in your group and then simply save the search.   That way, you can always recall that search and immediately bring all the values in your group back into your search criteria box.

Q. Can I SAVE a Search?

A. YES, each userid has the ability to save their own searches.  So, no one else will see your saved searches.   We save the search criteria, not the search results.   So, be sure to export or print any results that you want to save.

Q. I noticed there is a place on the Custom Search Screen where I can search for “My Customer Lists”, however, it says “You have No Customer Lists”. What do I need to do to search for “My Customers”?

A. You can have us store lists of callsigns in your secured area of WRRonline. That means that only you (and anyone in Your company) can search on that list. They don’t have to be YOUR Customers. You might provide a list of licenses you manage and simply call it “My Managed Licenses” or simply “List 1”. We don’t even need to know what that means. Then, once we have it setup, you can use these lists as part of your search. Eg. Which of “My Licenses” has an expiration coming up in the next year? In addition, we have a column on the Weekly License Activity report for this field. So, if a license shows up in the Analog Report, and it is in one of your lists, it would be flagged with a tag such as “My Managed List”. Call us to submit your customer lists.  There is a small administrative charge for creating these lists.

Q. When I run a Query, am I running on an FCC computer or WRR’s computers?

A. All searches on WRRonline are run on WRR Servers. We download data each night from the FCC’s files (and each month from Industry Canada’s files). After these downloads, we update our databases with the new FCC data.

Q. Are the Notes I enter on Callsigns secure, or can other WRRonline customers see my notes?

A. Your notes are secured within your company. Only subscribers within your company can see your notes. Other subscribers cannot see them.

Q. How can I enter notes? I see the notes on my weekly reports, but I don’t see where to update them.

A. Currently, you can only update your Notes on the WRRonline web site using the Custom Search Screen's Summary Results View. When you run a search, the results initially come up in this summary view.  If you are reviewing results in a different (Mailing List of Detailed) view, you can change to the summary view in the upper-right corner of your screen. To add/change a note, double-click on the callsign or the licensee name.

Q. What do the color codes mean on the Notes.

A. Each company can have its own definition for the various colors of Notes. One good idea is to make Green a typical, information note. Yellow may mean you have a follow-up to do. Red may mean that the license needs action soon. Some use Red to indicate Management needs to review the license. You may have noticed that the Color you select becomes a border for the note on your Weekly license Activity Report. So, if a manager is reviewing those reports, he/she can easily identify the Red ones (or any other color).

Q. Is there a list of definitions for the FCC codes I see on the reports (eg. Radio Service Codes).

A. Yes, the lists are found on the Custom Search screen. You will notice small scroll icons next to a few fields. These are reference files. There are lists for Class of Stations (FB, MO, FX, etc), Radio Services (Public Safety, Business, Trunking, etc), Emissions, and Economic Areas.

Q. What’s the difference between Licensee Name and Contact Licensee Fields?

A. The licensee is the end-user. The Contact Licensee field is the Company that the FCC should contact if they have any questions about this license. It is not a required field. It may be a two-way Radio Dealer, a Law Firm, a Licensing Company or sometimes the licensee will duplicate their own name in that field. Sometimes, especially on older licenses, it is left blank. Some two-way radio dealers have found this field useful for getting partial “Customer Lists” of licenses of a dealer that has gone out of business. Licensing firms, such as Washington Radio Reports, often enter their company name in the contact licensee field for all of their customers. The reason is that licensing companies are being paid to provide the licensing service, so if the FCC has a question about the license, it makes sense that the FCC should contact the licensing firm instead of bothering the licensee or the two-way dealer.