FCC Licensing

Why Should I Use Washington Radio Reports for FCC Licensing?

We have been providing FCC licensing services for over 30 years!  We have no membership fees, and we offer low licensing prices. We will also manage your licenses for you, at no additional cost, if you are using us for your licensing services. This includes notifying you when your FCC deadlines are coming up.  We are located near the FCC's licensing office in Gettysburg, PA., so we know the people and we know how to get your license thru the process - Fast & Efficiently! You can also submit your applications to us in whatever method works best for you.

Is WRR an FCC Coordinator?

No, and that is an advantage for You! We are one of the largest FCC licensing companies, so we get very good rates with the various coordinators. We will use the coordinator that is providing the best pricing and service at the time of your application. Your application will be processed fast, and at a low cost! We do the licensing, and we manage the entire licensing process for you. That's FCC Licensing made easy!

How do I Get Started?

You can start your application online here, and our professional staff will get back in touch with you to get additional information. Feel free to call us at 717.334.0668 to discuss any questions before you get started.  We have a variety of submission options available. See the datasheet below, it shows you the fields needed for your application. Fill in what you can, send it to us, and then we will get back to you with any questions needed. Or you can click on the Get Started button and start the process with our online form.

Click here to download and print our FCC Licensing datasheet.