WRRonline Vs FCC's ULS

Our Reports Are More Powerful and Easier To Use

Weekly Reports Emailed To You

Our weekly License Activity Reports are customized for your local counties and emailed to your distribution list each weekend. Each report contains seven sections of data:

  1. New Applications.
  2. New Grants/Modifications.
  3. Upcoming Expirations.
  4. Upcoming Construction Deadlines.
  5. Who still hasn’t Narrow-banded.
  6. Who is still Analog-Only.
  7. Note you have entered within the last month.

Powerful Search

You can search on fields that the FCC site doesn’t make available to you.

  1. One-click for “My Favorite Counties”
    • This saves you time from clicking on each of your counties when you want to do a search of your market area.
  2. One-click for “Who Hasn’t Narrow-banded
  3. Emissions
    • Search for *7K* to see who has the TDMA designator, or, 4K for FDMA, 8K for P25 licenses.
    • Search for *20K* shows who still has wide-band emissions designator
  4. One-click for “Who Hasn’t Narrow-banded"
  5. Search for Who is still Analog
  6. Who has already Narrow-banded
  7. Contact Licensee – This field often shows you who the licensee is working with.  It might be yourself, a competitor, a licensing firm, a law firm, a coordinator, etc. 

Search for Vertical Markets

You can select from a large list of vertical markets (Education, Public Safety, Healthcare, etc). You can include as many of these as you want. Examples include: Agriculture, Assisted Living, P-25, Utilities, Manufacturing, Golf Courses, Petroleum, etc. You can also Exclude data from your Searches (eg. Competitors, Public Safety, #units on license).

Better Search Results

WRRonline provides better search results screens. We show the data you need without drilling down on each license.

  1. Co-channel Searches – Find who is Causing interference.  Simply enter the Center-point coordinates (or look them up using a callsign, zip code, or Postal Code) and a radius (eg. 70 Miles).  Then, enter the specific frequency or range.  Results show the fields you need to determine who might be causing you the interference.  One of these fields is the status field.   It has values such as “Active”, “Expired”, “Cancelled”, “Terminated”, etc.   Sometimes, a license has Expired or Terminated, but the licensee is still using the system.   This, of course, can cause the new licensee interference.   Other fields include Licensee, phone number, frequency, antenna height, power, ERP, Ground Elevation, Distance from Center Point.   All of these fields are important in determining who might be causing your interference.
  2. Mailing List Format  this report format is available for any search.  It shows you just those fields you need for a mailing list (Company, Contact Name, Address, Phone and Email.
  3. Summary View Format  this report format is also available for any search.  It shows you a one-line format with Licensee, callsign, transmitter state/county, #units, Band, #frequencies.

Wild-card Search

WRRonline gives you the ability to do wild-card searches. Search by ANY character, word, or phrase within a field

  1. Licensee Name - If you are researching to find All the FCC Licenses for a particular company, use the licensee name field on the Detailed/Mailing List Search.   You can wild-card your search to include names that contain certain characters.  Eg.  *Fairfax*hospital* would find Fairfax Hospital, Fairfax Hospital Center, etc.
  2. Contact Licensee – explained above.  Search for *BEARCOM*, or *GRANITE*ELECT*
  3. Transmitter Street Search using just the street name or the mountain name.
  4. Transmitter City – Not sure of the spelling?  Wild-card it.

Search for Unused Frequencies

This search allows you to Find Unused Frequencies within a radius of a center-point. This search is the first step in the process of finding available frequencies. Of course, you can just go to a coordinator or consultant and pay them to get you some frequencies. But, normally, they will charge you, even if No Frequencies are available. So, some of our customers use this search to get an idea of frequencies that are UNUSED in their area.

More Flexibility in Exported Files

  1. You can print or export any of the search results.
  2. The weekly license activity reports are also available in an Excel format.

Enter Personal & Secure, Color-coded Notes on Callsigns

Notes are used like a mini-CRM. Anyone in your company can see your notes, but they are protected so no one outside of your company can see them. Examples might include: “Out of business”, “No budget till 2017”, “Talked to Cindy on 3/20/16”, etc.

Store Lists of Callsigns

Here are some examples of Lists include “My Customers”, “Not My Customers”, “Joe’s Licenses I manage,” “Walmart Licenses” etc. You provide us the names, and we build the lists. We just need callsigns, FRNs, or Licensee Names.

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