License Activity Report – What Is New in 2021?


What Does My Report Show?

This report shows the recent FCC licensing activity and deadlines within your area, and is a benefit of your WRRonline subscription.

We have recently added several new benefits to WRRonline, including the addition of a new Section 7 to your reports! This section shows you any license or application where your company has added a WRRonline “NOTE” within the last 30 days. Many of our customers utilize these Notes to share comments regarding licenses among your staff.  If you have subaccounts, these notes are now shared among all of your subaccounts.  So, if anyone in your company makes a note on a callsign/file number, you will all see it.  The notes are protected so only your company sees your company’s notes.  Contact us for a free, personalized, training webinar where we can review the latest features, like this one. It only takes about 45 minutes.  I’ll log in to your account during the training, so all the searches will be Local and Relevant!   Just let me know your preferred day and time.

Have you taken advantage of the ability to identify “Your Customers” on these reports?

This will help make sure you don’t miss your Customers’ FCC Deadlines. We have initially loaded a list of what we believe are your customers, based on the licensee and contact licensee fields. You can make this service even better by submitting lists of callsigns, licenses, or FRNs. These will be handled confidentially and only your company will be able to search using your lists.

There is a link to every callsign and file number in the report. Click this link to get the License Print Report with more details about the license or file number. The first time you click one of these links, you may have to login to the site (if you aren’t already logged in). If that happens, just login and then click the link again.

Contact us if you would like a free 1-on-1 training webinar to review all the latest WRRonline features or answer any of your questions